OktoberForest: MBC Partners with The Nature Conservancy to Promote Forest Awareness

Did you know beer is 90-95% water?

Here at MBC we know how important clean, healthy, flavorful water is for making high-quality beer. That’s why we are participating in The Nature Conservancy’s OktoberForest initiative to raise awareness about reforestation plans that will save and restore a large percentage of America’s drinking water.

For a brewery that takes pride in celebrating Midland’s lumberjack past, forest preservation is a cause of personal and historical significance. Dave Kepler, MBC’s owner maintains: “Midland Brewing is located close to the Historic Red Keg Lumber Camp. While lumber is/was a big part of our state’s past, it’s really important to us that the FOREST will always be a part of Michigan future.”

Over 75 breweries in America are making their voices heard as a part of this campaign, including several Michigan breweries like Ellison, Shorts, and Pigeon Hill. Look for the OktoberForest coasters to start showing up in our restaurant soon and be sure to check out the OktoberForest webpage to learn more about the initiative and hear what other brewers have about this important environmental issue.