Midland Brut IPA Review (Video)

Hello fellow craft beer hobbyist!

Our friend Sean over at Draft Therapy cracked open some of our bubbly, Midland Brut IPA and put together this phenomenal Breview4U. Cool fact, Sean pays for 100% of the beer that he reviews so there is no fake news here. In other words, we didn’t hand him a bag full of cash and say, “LIKE OUR BEER AND TELL OTHERS!” We handed it to him in a suitcase at a city park bench just after dark, like civilized adults… We’re kidding and we are happy to know that Sean selected our can off the shelf himself, because that’s half the fun in trying new craft beer!

After hitting the high notes in his intro, he kicks the video off with a pretty neat fact about Midland. He then talks a bit about the label, beer color, mentions the price that he paid for the solo dolo can, and then he cracks that bad boy open followed by a 10/10 pour on the Beerlympics scale. Beerutiful execution! From there, he goes into detail about the aroma after he takes a nice big whiff before he dives in to get a mouthful of flavor!

Well, I’m done embellishing our Midland Brut IPA, because it should be obvious that we like it ourselves. Check out the video below and see what Sean has to say about the Midland Brut IPA.

Sean makes two videos a week, posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays about Michigan Craft Beer so if that is your sort of thing, be sure to give him a follow, like, or subscription. If you see him in public, by this man a beer! We think he’d like that.

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