The Finishing Touch!

Can’t have a keg without a tap, Right?


One day, not too long ago while wrapping up the opening of the Red Keg Barrel House, Dave was thinking. The thing is if you know Dave, he is always thinking. Seriously, none of us are really sure if he even sleeps to be honest.

Anyway, he had this elaborate idea that we needed to add a tap handle to top of the entrance door of our Reg Keg. We gave him a puzzled look because we weren’t quite sure what he was talking about. So he pulled out his trusty pen and notepad and sketched out his idea.

And by golly, it was truly ingenious.

So we swiftly dialed up our friends over at Zentx Media Group INC. and told them what we wanted them to craft for us. Now we couldn’t see their faces, but by the tone of the, “huh?”, we heard we knew to send them Dave’s wonderful illustration. Now I’m no betting man, but if I was I would bet Picasso would have never even picked up a brush or pencil if he knew this expression of art would one day exist. They told us it could be done and just like that, Zentx rolled up their sleeves and got to work.

We are certain that making this possible wasn’t the easiest thing they have had to do. However, we think we may contend for one of the most unique creations though and we’ll brag about it, that’s for sure.

Zentx’s finest was here for the installation today and let us tell you, it fits like a glove. It also really pulls the whole building and door together too. Sadly, it isn’t a functional tap but on the bright side there’s a light bulb there and it does the job very well. Check out the finished look below!