Fall Seasonal Beers and what to expect!

Recently you may have noticed the cooling air, changing foliage and pumpkin spice everything, everywhere you go. Yeah, it’s officially Fall in Michigan which provides some of the most beautiful scenic views that our state has to offer depending on where you travel to.

However, with the arrival of Fall, it’s not just the changes in colors or temperatures that happen. You’ll also see a swing in the craft beers being brewed within the industry. On those chilly fall days and nights already upon us, you’ll soon see the return of porters, brown ales, and stouts of all varieties. In just the month of October, we have already released our Fabian Fournier Peanut Butter Porter to the taps and you will find it in your local watering holes. This coming Friday, October 11th we’ll be releasing one of our most popular brews, Jenny’s Nut Brown just in time for the seasonal changes occurring around us!

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