“Community Impact on Tap: The Story of Midland Brewing Company’s Revival” by Catalyst Midland

Our friends at Catalyst Midland took the time to come visit our crew at the brewery to cover our story about where Midland Brewing Company is today, and how it got there. Take a moment to check them out on Facebook or website for more great and compelling stories and articles about our local community here in Midland, MI!

“It all started with an oversaturated industry, nearly bank-owned equipment and a next-door neighbor that lacked any brewing experience.

Midland Brewing Company has historically deep roots in the city. First established in the 1930s, the brewery was reborn in 2010. Midland Brewing Company stays true to the 100 years of its legacy by paying homage to the industry that put Michigan on the map – lumber.

The road to revival had a few bumps to navigate initially. A touch-and-go scenario after opening a decade ago, the brewery struggled to find its footing and was just days away from the bank selling off its assets and officially closing its doors.”

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