What We Asking of Our Guests

With recent actions put in place by the Governor, we want to communicate how this will not affect our ability to seat guests inside the restaurant. Even though we find ourselves pouring historically great beer a lot, we also pump out a lot of lip-smacking meals. However, we want to take this time to address some things that have been happening in the last week since we have reopened for dine-in inside the restaurant and patio, and to reiterate some of our policies that we need you to follow.

In our policies, we clearly state that you must wear a mask upon entering the building and when visiting the restrooms. If you have a medical condition, please call us before you walk into our building or the old waiting area. Our phone number is (989) 259-7210 and we will do our very best to accommodate you and your party if this is the case. Please do not enter through the side door unless you have been seated at a table and are needing to use the restroom. If you would like to get a table, check-in your party and if a table is immediately open for you to sit at, we will seat you as soon as we possibly can.

Please, stop to read the signs. Yes, it might be a lot of information and the same stuff you have seen posted at other small businesses, but it is important to us that you respect our policies. Nothing excludes us from having to potentially shutdown again – please, please understand this for the livelihood of our crew and the families they are supporting. There are signs and policies posted at every public entrance point.

We eliminated our waiting area so our guests would not congregate in such a small space. This is one of the ways we are practicing social distancing. When our guests begin to fill the waiting area, it not only is blatant disregard of our policies and our crew, but it also messes up our system that we are trying to follow. This impedes the flow of clearing and flipping tables for the next party waiting to be seated. Just like yourselves, we want to get you seated as soon as we possibly can so you can enjoy the good stuff in life.

Please do not move tables or pull chairs from open tables to join family, friends, or acquaintances at a different table. One of the reasons why some may be waiting for longer than you would like to get a table is because, it is hard to seat four when there are only two chairs. If one of our crew members does ask you to return to your table or return your chair they do not want to be belittled or disregarded. We are just asking that you follow our policies that we have put in place for the health and safety of our crew, their families and all of you. You are always welcome to sit at the picnic or high-top tables located in the backyard while you and your party are waiting for a table. Beers are being poured at the Red Keg on Friday and Saturday nights so that you can enjoy your entire visit.

We have reduced our seating to 50% of the original seating we were once able to accommodate. This means there are less tables available and wait times may become longer depending on how long a party is here and how many parties are ahead of you. If we tell you or the waitlist shows there is a wait, this information is correct. If you believe there is an issue, please call us at (989) 259-7210 and a manager will come and address your concerns.

We want to make this clear – If you think you have found a loophole and believe you can disrespect our crew and policies, you have not. We are tired, we are stressed, we are beaten and bruised by the words and attitudes we have received from guests who simply refuse to follow our policies in an act of defiance. We are doing our absolute best that we can, but this is all new for us as well as it is for all of you. Our crew does not want to fall ill and most importantly, we do not want our families to fall ill either. We have children, siblings, parents, and grandparents that we live with and care deeply about, and some are very high risk. We have put these policies in place and are practicing the guidelines set by the CDC, the State of Michigan, and federal officials for a reason. Again, we hope that it is very clear that we do not want to shutdown again and the with the policies we have put in place, we believe that we can avoid that if we all work together as one.

We hope to see you and all of your beautiful faces with your hands wrapped around a cold one, but we want to see you enjoying damn good beer in the safest way possible. We wish you all the happiest of 4th of July weekends and safe travels if you are hitting the road.


Your friends at Midland Brewing Company