Lumberjacks hold a permanent place in folklore and history. While the practice of felling trees has been taking place for thousands of years. The professional lumberjack was born around the turn of the 18th century, and lasted through the late 1930’s. With our Brewery located near the site of the famous Red Keg lumber camp, we are proud to introduce our Seasonal and Specialty Series.

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Lumberjack Brawl Seasonal Series

The Lumberjack Brawl series is named in recognition of the greatest Lumberjack brawl in Michigan history – when Silver Jack Driscoll squared off against Saginaw Joe Fournier. These are the legendary lumbermen who inspired the tall tales of Paul Bunyan. Silver Jack and Fournier battled for almost two hours at the Red Keg Saloon until Silver Jack ultimately prevailed over Fournier. In the end, the two settled their differences with Jack offering Joe a beer.

Our Lumberjack Brawl seasonal brews are released each quarter, with the goal of giving you a full-flavored, refreshing brew to fight off your thirst after any long day.

Our Lumberjack Brawl Selections include:

Lumberjack Brawl American Wheat
Lumberjack Brawl Peanut Butter Oatmeal Porter
Lumberjack Brawl Midnight Wheat

Silver Jack Driscoll Specialty Program

At Midland Brewing, we honor the legacy of the lumberjacks, railroaders and brewers who helped build our great state. Our Silver Jack Driscoll Series honors the toughest, boldest and most infamous local lumberjack of all, John “Silver Jack” Driscoll.

Each beer in the Series is full of flavor, featuring innovative stylistic options and higher gravity. These are sipping beers. Each selection is a small batch brew that we don’t promise to ever brew again.

Our 2018 Silver Jack Program includes the following selections, released every 1.5 months beginning in February:

Silver Jack Driscoll Russian Imperial Stout
Whiskey-Barrel Aged Silver Jack
Silver Jack Driscoll Wee Heavy

Jenny’s Series

Our Jenny’s series pays homage to the Modern Forester. The Great Britain Women’s Timber Corps inspired the name ‘Lumberjills’ during the early 20th century. 8,700 women of the Timber Corps provided 60% of the timber used during World War II. Today women participate in all aspects of Forestry, and Midland Brewing is excited to honor their hard work. In fact, the brewery will host the most recognized competitive Lumberjill group in America, the Axe Women Loggers of Maine, whose popular touring show features internationally ranked logging athletes.

Our 2018 Jenny’s Selections are released every two months beginning in December 2017 and include:

Jenny’s Saison
Jenny’s Margarita Gose
Jenny’s Raspberry Sour
Jenny’s Mango Golden
Jenny’s Nut Brown

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